Breaking Vlad: A Vampire Tutorial

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We know that you’ve held your dark passenger at bay. You yearn to transform your photo to show the vampire that lurks within you! But maybe you’re worried that you’ll never return to your regular self. Or maybe it’s just that you could use a few tips. We are here for you, creatures! We are here with tips galore!

Alter the skin

Skin effects like these works best on a subject shot fairly close-up. After applying your skin effect, adjust the “Fade” slider to choose the right intensity. Use the eraser to remove errant strokes. Select “Hungry” for extra glow, or “Fed” for a more chill demeanor.

Dial up the eye color

Zoom in on the eyes in your photo. Before you add the soul-withering color, resize the brush to match the iris size in your photo.

Use Eraser to erase dabs of eye color that bled over onto the…

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